Sunday, August 31

Sew A Long

So we are having a little Sew A Long at the Hen House

Running for the month of July - I've offered up a goodie for someone that enters, just randomly drawn from those of us that got our acts together ..... cough and made something.

Rules - ONLY ONE - make up a pattern that you haven't used before

So it could be from Stash, brand new, a lend, a pdf, a paper pattern, just anything you've never used. I know all those patterns languishing not being used, they must be so sad....

Anyways I've made up 3 patterns  oops forgot make that 4.

Marc shirt by FillesaMaman

Its really hard to find nice boys patterns and older boys patterns.  I made the size 12 for William and it went together very well - I did have to unpick, but that was my fault, I didn't read properly.

Anyways, the boy child hassled me for days to add the buttons, they just needed to be sewn on ... Grandma to the rescue and she sewed them on.

Then I made up the Daisy Chain dress by Make It Perfect

I used gorgeous fabric from Zebra Fabrics - its not stella but very close and very gorgeous and I need to order some more cause I'm out of the purple and its very popular in our house

I used Make Beautiful Things on the front - using the sticky backed stabiliser which worked awesomely.  I did use a layer of interfacing before I started stitching and then another layer when it was finished, just so there aren't any of those pesky threads hanging about.

I had to alter the dress slightly - I'm a shorty - aka 5ft 2ish and I ended up chopping 4 inches off the top bodice and its okay now - I made the 42 bust, it probably needs a bit more wiggle room at the hips but my DH loves it, so that's great, plus its super comfy.

And then the Shearwater Kaftan by Make it Perfect.

Gorgeous fabric from MinkyBear and Me they are taking a wee break for a bubba but they'll be back soon :)  Beads pictured are from my sister at Cherish Jewellery Designs

Sunday, August 3

Luna's 1st Birthday

Luna's 1st Birthday

Tikki Rainbow Dress - size 18mths
Petunia Petal Pants in fabric from Zebra Fabrics.  Pattern is Lily Giggles.

Saturday, July 26


So had been eyeing off Jamie Oliver's Food tube cake book.

It was the cover pic that did me in and I succumbed, not like I don't have a gazillion other books on cupcakes, but well a pretty cake picture and I'm hooked.

So we've had visitors and I decided that the cover pic looked pretty good and well I was at Coles and frozen cherries were on special and well you know what happened then …..

Cherry Bakewell Cupcakes 

What I can note.

The recipe says that the crumble takes 20 minutes - I found it baked in much less, so keep a close eye on it, start checking at 10mins and I think if you stirred it around a bit it would be a bit more even in colour than mine.

I also forgot to fill mine with cherry goo, as per the recipe, but it was good, I would have liked more of a cherry flavour, but it's possible that our cherries aren't' the same as the UK variety, but I did like the different textures in this cupcake.

I did omit the almond extract cause I didn't have any.

And I also made the lemon poppyseed ones, they were nice as well - made as the recipe, slightly heavier cake than the one above, but they also went down a treat!!!

These brownies, kick arse - I've made them before as the Salted Caramel ones, but even sans caramel they are good, and yes I'm not a brownie girl AT ALL - They are from Brown Eyed Baker -  make sure you use the two different types of chocolate and I use a dark cocoa -home brand actually but its nice and deep and chocolately - I also drop the sugar back to 1 cup and they are plenty sweet enough.

These are good to bribe small children with ……. not that I'd know about that