Sunday, November 30

Sweet Innocence Testing

I tested this delightful number for Annastasia from My Treasured Heirlooms

I made the size 6 width with an 8 in length for my slender 8 yo.  I didn't have to adjust anything else.  I would possibly make it a titch longer when I made it again as she seems to be growing taller every single week at the moment.

The pattern was easy to put together - I made it up in under a day for both pieces.  The longest amount of time was taken with the ruffles of course, you could probably reduce some time using a ruffler foot but I did it with standard gathered ruffles.

Missy showing off, she does love to model what I make for her.

The dress comes in a few different variations.  This is shown sans peasant dress as we live in sunny Queensland.  The dress is too low with the crossover to be worn at the front, but it works well backwards for a unfrock.  The peasant dress comes with several sleeve options and also a tiered version if you want a super fully one.   The overdress comes in 3 varieties as well, lots of options and a good range of sizing.   There are also pants available but again its a bit warm here for them in summer. 

Size made - Size 6 width, 8 length
Fabric used - Tilda range
Sewing difficulty - from confident beginner who is happy to gather.
Would I make this again - yes

Friday, November 28

Miss Audrey Tester ….. Part 2!

And the Miss Audrey pattern has been released!!

You can find the pattern here  - do your self a favour and go and buy it and support a fabulous Australian pattern designer.   Ann's pattern can be printed out in a copy shop if you don't like to stick all those pieces together.  If you sign up to Ann's newsletter she has a 20 % off discount code available until Sunday

Oh my gracious and can you see that Ann has put together the most amazing fabric packs?  Everything you need to finish your dress - fabric, thread, zipper, interfacing and the pattern, along with express post

Do you need help with your toile well why not join in the Sew-A-Long - Ann is so very helpful with fit issues, she has tutorials on her blog and will help you get the perfect fit to your bodice.

I was really hoping to have another version of the dress sew up for part 2 of my blog posts, but my DD whom I was making it for has been MIA.

So here's a link to the original post  where I explain how much I love this pattern!!!  Seriously do yourself a favour and buy this pattern, it suits pretty much every shape and size and its wonderful to have a pattern that fits and looks great and people comment on when you wear it.

Want to see all the other wonderful versions of this dress - pop along to Ann's blog and follow the blog tour!!

Wednesday, November 19

Miss Audrey Testing

Well what can I say - I love, love, love this dress.

It's fabulous.  Ann is amazing and is so very helpful when troubleshooting fit issues as well.   It's well designed, plenty of markings on the pattern, so you know what lines up to what.  It comes in a broad range of sizes and also allows for different cup sizes too.

So I was very lucky and happen to fit exactly the size 16 with a D cup - with no alterations - go me!  My measurements were pretty much bang on the sizing.  So although I'm a wee bit rounder than I would like, I have the perfect figure *wink* Though it varied bust size with the bra I was wearing a bit.

Whatever you do, please do take the time to make up the muslin, it doesn't take long and you'll get a much more accurate fit on the bodice, the skirt is more forgiving as it has plenty of room but the bodice must fit well.  Ann has several tutorials on her blog with different fit issues and most of the fit issues are addressed there

First up - I went with the basic version - facings and no pockets in a stretch sateen I bought from Spotlight - I actually bought the fabric for my DD but then though nah I'm going to use it - The dress turned out great, fitted well - it does have a wee bit of a curve on the necklines, which I'm putting down to the fabric being stretch.    I did add a belt loop for my keycard and also added thread belt loops for the belt, as I do feel the dress needs a belt on it.  It's amazingly hard to find nice belts too.

I also promised Ann I would make a lined version.  So I made it in the weekend of sweltering temperatures in Brisbane, ick.  So it's not 100% perfect cause well the heat makes your brain a bit crazy.

That said, it again turned out very well - I did add piping to the front princess seams and also dropped the necklines to a 1.5cm seam allowances rather than the 6mm that is on the pattern.  It's a Tilda print in a colour which is not really what I would normally wear, but I'm very pleased with how it turned out.  It's lined in a stash busting blue voile, that I had plenty of.

This version is the fulled lined one.  Again no issues putting it together - the zip isn't perfect, but my fault entirely - my invisible zipper foot seems to have found legs and run away, so I need to purchase another one - our household is just entirely too insanely busy and I just haven't gotten there.  I also had a different fabric in mind when I planned the lined version and so had a blue invisible zip.  So again not perfect, but my waist seam matches spot on, so that's an upside.  I also in the haze of heat put pockets in the lining - silly really I don't know what I was thinking, so they'll come out next weekend, cause I don't need the added poof to my hips that's for sure

Will I make this dress again - absolutely - I am waiting impatiently for Ann to perhaps add an extension pack like little cap sleeves and a straight skirt.  I've seen quite a few of the other tester dresses and its a dress you can definitely dress up or down.  Fits a wide range of body shapes and looks great on all of them.

And just because you needed to see the sweet blue voile lining

I intend to make some for my DD's and my mum wanted to steal mine, but it's a bit too broad for her -yah cause I'm pretty sure she'd steal them - I told her she needs to make her own now.

You can find the fabulous Ann at 1 Puddle Lane on Facebook or her website