Sunday, January 21

Luxie Lunch Bag

The Luxie Lunch Bag from Emmaline Bags.  I have had this pattern for simply ages and at the end of last year, the littlest miss needed a new lunch bag, as the previous lunch box was too small for what she wanted to take.   We found a Lunch Cube which fitted everything she wanted to take, but finding a lunch bag to fit wasn't as easy.

And then I remembered I had the Luxie.   Having plenty of fabric, foam and procuring some insulbrite from a friend we set about choosing fabric and making the bag.

If you need a sew-a-long you can find it here .  The directions are pretty clear when you read them carefully (read this as I missed a step) and the bag went together pretty well.   Its quite large and easily fits the Lunch cube and also a Nude Yoghurt Mover easily with some room to spare.

I did love the easy cut chart, which enables you to cut all the square/rectangle pieces easily.   Do  make sure your printed pattern piece prints at 100%/actual size (mine didn't oops, and I wondered why my sides didn't fit.)

I used a longer zip than specified but it works fine that way and it seems a bit easier for the cherub to open as well.

I purchased the frames from the gorgeous Kylie at Handbag Hardware but you can find her now at Betty Box Pleat with her always awesome service and helpful advice.

There is a side zipper on the pattern.  I did make it but I'm not really sure what my DD will use it for, other than maybe putting in some lunch money or cutlery, but you could easily omit the zip if you wanted to.

The pieces go together well, the zip casing at the top works well.   There is really nothing not to like about this.  This would also make an awesome sewing case which is what I think I'll make for myself.  Obviously you could do without the insulbrite if you are making it for not food.   Oh and I did line mine with sandwich PUL so its a bit waterproof.   My DD did pick a light coloured fabric and I suspect we will have to wash it more than once throughout the year.    Possibly a dark colour would be better for a lunch box.

Creative Maker Supply Case

And DD also needed something for some of her pens and pencils and wanted to fit her ruler in as well.  So I had the Creative Maker Supply Case from Sew Sweetness and I had bought some awesome zips from Who Says Sew - OMG these are awesome.   Buy them in a length, cut to size, add a zipper pull or two and away you go - they are nylon so super easy to cut and use and I bought the size 5 for ease of use thanks to help from other ladies in the Sew Sweetness Group.

This one is the sparkly rainbow one and my DD is in love!!!

There are lots of awesome zipper pulls as well - this one is the butterfly but there are hearts and all sorts of yumminess!!!!

Now onto the pattern - it goes together well - I didn't have enough Soft and Stable :( so mine is a titch floppy and it really needs the oomph of some fleece or soft and stable.  I just used some Pellon and some Peltex but its really not quite enough. 

I'd like to add a zipper pocket next time I make one I think, but that will take a little bit of forethought. 

Everything else went together well.  The markings for the elastic are great.  I should have used a white marker so it was easier to keep my line of elastic straight, but otherwise it was good.   I need to work a little on my corners, but that's more the fact that I don't have a free arm and well I left it till two days before school went back lol!!

Would I make it again - ABSOLUTELY!!!  I quite love it.   I also have the Ultimate Art Organiser and I think I might try that next, but I need to stock up on Soft and Stable or similar before I start. 

Tuesday, January 16

Welcome to 2018

I'm pretty sure I lost November and December and goodly part of January somewhere but lets get 2018 started.

Here is my #18for2018

1.  Concentrate on fitness and general health
2.  Get a big project finished with the house
3.  Get the vegetable garden up and running properly
4.  Remember to blog my endeavours
5.  Remember to keep my Goodreads updated.
6.  Spend more time just doing fun stuff.
7.  Catch up with friends more often.
8.  Take a proper holiday
9.  Meal plan
10. Schedule sewing gift time
11.  Update my website
12.  Take better photos
13.  Update the photos in the house
14.  Learn to make proper gelato
15.  Finish a UFO a month
16.  Sort my stash
17.  Remember its okay to say no.
18.  Use my cookbooks